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Second instalment of first day from Holly!

Saturday 22nd January continued... In order to prepare for my overnight stop, Louisa kindly took me shopping for some essentials - plenty of fluids and some filling snacks, too...

This was my first experience of Ghanaian customer service and, whilst you are waited on hand and foot, it appears not unusual for the staff to seem a little begrudged by your presence; they would obviously much rather be dancing and singing to the lively music playing in the store. If you would like to try something a little more local to drink, I would reccomend "Milo" - a hot chocolate mix with added vitamins, which is mixed with either hot or cold water, as it is a little bitter you may like to add "Ideal" (evapourated condensed milk in a can).
After the challenge of putting up my mosquito net, I decided to relax infront of the tv and recover from my 24 hours travelling. Thankfully there are English speaking channels - althought the topics covered appear to be limited to sports and preaching, unless you have satelite tv, it was nice to have some background noise. Kofi, one of APGSS's drivers, brought me supper - which I am sad to say I could not manage much more than a mouthful of, due to my feast earlier. Feeling homesick, I called my Mum for reassurance. I have now used up all of my British credit, not surprisingly, and only have my Ghanaian sim card to rely on. I must venture out tomorrow and top up my Tigo sim card - how hard can it be?
All in all, today has been tiring and, due to unexpected setbacks, stressful. I am proud to says, however, that I made it unaided from Acrra Airport to APGSS in Takoradi. Next challenge: acclimatise.
Posted: 1/26/2011 4:00:17 PM by elaine