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Meeting people! - Holly

Much to my annoyance, I noticed a rash developing on my stomach today, I am not sure whether it is an allergic reaction to Malarone or a bad case of "prickly heat". I'm hoping for the latter.
Boyboison provided several slices of toasted bread (not dissimilar to brioche), a boiled egg, a pot of boiling water, milk, sugar, Lipton tea and a sachet of Milo. I would believe this to be a typical breakfast. Around 10 minutes later, Kofi appeared with a second breakfast: a flask of boiling water, a packet of Lipton tea, yet more bread (like a hot cross bun without the raisins), plus a fried breakfast consisting of frankfurters and a slight variation on an omelette topped with tomatoes. I tried my best to eat as much as I could, as I did not want to appear ungrateful!
Bob Baldry kindly offered to pick me up from Boyboison and take me to Africa Beach Hotel (ABH) for the day so that I would not be alone. Whilst waiting for Bob outside Boyboison, I exchanged plesantries with many locals - I can't imagine that happening in England! One small child kept waving enthusiastically, as I imagine seeing me was quite a novelty. Bob and Gifty's generosity and hospitality has been a lifeline whilst I have struggled to find my feet in Ghana - they have provided much support and thus helped surpress my pining for good old Blighty. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness. I had prepared a small gift for each of them - a simple 2011 diary - and I just hope the gift does not seem insignificant. Also, I must say ABH itself is breathtaking - both the views and the facilities. I would recommend that everyone should visit if given half the chance. The beach nearby is also beautiful - however, personal belogings of value should not be taken due to a few opportunists that loiter about. Perhaps I will explore the beach another time - I am still struggling with the heat and find it very draining.
After a quick bout of poolside R&R, I was introduced to two newly weds - Colin and Becca - who invited me to accompany them to a BBQ. Never one to turn down food, I quickly accepted their invitation. A mere 5 minutes away from ABH, I was introduced to many ex-pats who's work in the oil business had lead them to set up home in Takoradi. It was interesting to hear about Ghnaian life from a fellow Brit's perspective and hear how they had adapted - interestingly, every one of them said they would not move back to Britain now. We parted on friendly terms, I was encouraged to come back again and even offered the chance to babysit for Chris and Li's children, if I wanted some extra money. Filled to the brim, I was dropped back to ABH and flopped out on the bed with the air con on full!
After relaxing at the bar at ABH (as sober as a priest, might I add) until early evening, enjoying making new friends and hearing their stories, Bob kindly arranged for his driver to take me back to Boyboison so I could settle down for the night.
Due to my lack of credit after last night's long call home, it had been a struggle to get hold of Louisa today and caused much uncertainty on my part. When the desk clerk mentioned Louisa had left a message for me, I asked, should she call back, could he tell her I had no credit. I also left my number at the front desk so the hotel could contact me if I was out etc. A few minutes later, I received a message from Tigo saying 2 cedi had been transferred to my phone by the desk clerk - talk about kindness. (N.B. I later received a text from the desk clerk saying: "Hey, is nice talking to you, I will miss the moment I spent talking to you. You are a beautiful and an angel too, have a sound sleep dear." This was then followed by several advances in person. Needless to say I did not sleep well at all...)
I had another meal left for me by Kofi but sadly by the time i got back to Boyboison, it was cold. However, the flask of tea was still warm somehow so I polished off that instead. Shortly afterwards, I put the mosquito net up and called it a night at 9pm !
Posted: 1/26/2011 4:02:15 PM by elaine