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Wednesday 9th February - Holly

Off school again to ensure my eye trouble clears up - doctors orders.

Whilst Ghanaians have a reputation for being devout Christians, it still surprised me when I received a text message from Tigo (my mobile network provider) offering religious counselling: "Strengthen your faith everyday! Send FAITH to 444 and receive daily messages of HOPE, LOVE & WISDOM at only 10Gp TIGO Express yourself!" Which reminds me, must go to church on Sunday just for the experience - will check at reception about service times again.

Met a few more of the Americans that work with Billy, Jeremy and Colin last night. Shawn is one of the newer guys and he offered to take me to Busua today with Billy to save me having the hassle of finding my way around alone. Busua is supposed to have really good food - you can get a whole lobster, side dish and a beer for 15 cedi (about £6) ! So I'm hoping to have that later today if my stomach calms down - had a few too many G&Ts last night, typical Brit abroad !

On the way to Busua, there was a bout of rain (can you believe my luck?) but thankfully the sun soon put his hat on and an hour later we arrived at Busua beach resort. As I've never tasted lobster before, I ordered the lobster thermidor and at 31 cedi a pop, I thought to myself, "This better be worth the money..." - it was fantastic ! We popped into the hotel owned by Shawn's friends - it has a breathtaking rooftop view, definitely worth visiting.

We dropped Billy off on the way back from Busua and stopped for a night cap at Harbour View. We then took a detour round the commercial port to purchase some souvenirs and finished the night with some calamari at Captain Hook's before bed.
Posted: 2/14/2011 11:27:19 AM by elaine