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Wednesday 26th January - Holly

Terribly tired today, hence this blog will be brief. I will have to catch up on sleep tonight so that I am able to function better tomorrow.
As I will be staying on campus now, I met the house-mistress and the cook who wanted to know what food to prepare for me. They were shocked when I said I would eat whatever everyone else did and that I did not want special treatment. I returned to the science department for a late breakfast and then I observed Henry Sacks whose class I would hopefully help teach later on. I am so nervous but hopefully I will do a good job.
For the rest of the day I sat in the spare classroom and got myself familiar with the local textbooks. It is hard to access a computer as there are none spare due to a lack of resources. Class sizes are very large – one teacher to 50 students.
I have now moved into the guest room at Archbishop Porter School and found that I am restricted in my contacts with the girls and should get permission to leave the campus – and I am to keep my room clean. Back to basics, Miss Clements!
Posted: 2/1/2011 9:52:20 AM by elaine