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Thursday 3rd February - Holly

Class time table:
8-9am Period 1: English
9-10am Period 2: Maths
10.15-10.30am Period 3: Handwriting
10.30-11.15am Period 4: Art & Design
11.15-12pm Period 5: Swimming
12.30-1.15pm Period 6: Music

The children had swimming lessons today (at Planter's Lodge, of all places) and I decided to tag along, too. As my friends know, I've only just learnt to swim and considering the frantic manner in which I struggle to keep my head above water and the look of sheer terror plastered across my face, you'd think Jaws was behind me. Understandably, I wasn't very forthcoming with this information when the children asked if I was a good swimmer; sadly they soon realised when we all had to jump into the deep end... After a humiliating hour of failing to learn breaststroke, we finally went back to school.

Posted: 2/14/2011 11:22:14 AM by elaine