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Thursday 17th February - Holly

To anyone who's considering a facelift: save yourself £3000 and just get yourself a weave. So move over botox, 'cause my cornrows have left me looking as deadpan as Anne Robinson. If only I could loosen them a little...

So today's itinerary consists of sunbathing, eating and sleeping. It's only 2pm and it feels like I've been up for hours...

I am incapable of writing the only kind of record which interests me: an account of events powered with an intellectual or moral passion strong enough to create order, to create a new way of looking at life. It is because I'm too diffused in myself. I have only one, and the least important, of the qualities necessary to write at all, and that is curiosity. I suffer torments of dissatisfaction and in-completion because of my inability to enter those areas of life my way of living/education/gender/politics/class bar me from. It is the malady of some of the best people of this time; some can stand the pressure of it; others crack under it; it is a new sensibility, a half-unconcious attempt towards a new imaginative comprehension. Something that can fester into unhealthy obsession when a person has too much time on their hands - I miss the support of my friends and family, the distraction they provide for my over-active mind. I will be glad to get home, today has felt exhausting but at least this is the last leg of the journey now.

Now, on a brighter note, if my poking around on the internet has proved worthwhile, I need to be at the STC terminal for 8:30am tomorrow (inorder to book a ticket for the 9:30am departure) - 5 hours on, I should arrive into Accra. I can't wait to see Lorinda and Brian!

Finally, I finished the evening by dining with Dudley, Mary and Bryan - what good friends they've been to me and I will miss them all dearly, although Dudley and I can keep in touch on a more regular basis. I bumped into Jeremy and he asked me to join him for breakfast tomorrow before I leave - he's even treating me to a full english to set me up for the long trip ahead. Fingers crossed that, after such a long day and a very sore scalp causing much sleep to be lost, I'll be able to get up for 6:30am start.
Posted: 2/21/2011 8:46:58 AM by elaine