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Thursday 10th February - Holly

Class timetable: As before.

Firstly, Happy 19th Birthday Serena Parsons ! (Just in case she reads this...)

Now, today's been pretty run of the mill so far so I'll skip the mundane details in favour of a more concise blog today - sure most of you will breathe a sigh of relief at that !

On a midafternoon mission to sample some local "red-red", my hunger intensified and my patience wore thin, so I actually ended up settling for pizza at Spike's instead. Hardly inkeeping with the locals but in Takoradi it's easier to get western food than it is traditional local food - clearly the business market has shifted to cater for the rapidly increasing stream of ex-patriots created by the oil boom, as that's where the money is to be made. It's a shame really but that's often the way of the world.

On another note altogether, thinking of souvenirs to bring back for my Dad normally leaves me pretty bamboozled so I tend to settle on cigarettes from the duty free shop but, as memorial to my maiden voyage abroad alone, I wanted to bring back something he could keep this time. I'd scoured pretty much every part of market circle and was near the end of my tether, surrounded by old tat and plastic (oh sorry, I mean "leather") knock-offs, when I caved in to the pleas of the street-sellers. I chose him a "Diesel" watch and "Gucci" belt combo - it was the best of a bad bunch and I'm still sad I couldn't get him something more to his taste but it's the thought that counts. I also bought a selection of material at 2 cedi a yard, so that on my return Mum and I can make some household furnishings - a cushion or two perhaps?

After a rendezvous at ABH, Shaun and I attended a quiz night at Champs - we took it as a bit of fun and were more interested in the fajitas but there were one or two people taking it far too seriously !

I called it an early night and finally finished "For whom the bell tolls" - cheers Hemingway!

Posted: 2/14/2011 11:25:57 AM by elaine