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Sunday 6th February - Holly

Today has been a waste, I woke up around midday and thus haven't achieved anything - I haven't visited Busa, as I'd hoped, nor managed to find the motivation to go to Cape Coast to experience the canapy walk or travel to the village on the stilts. Regardless of how much it upsets me that I have no one to share these experiences with, I will have to force myself to go next weekend, as it will be my last chance due to weekday commitments to TIS and my choice to spend the last weekend in Accra with Brian and Lorinda.

Today, I feel frustrated at myself I'm looking forward to coming home now, although, equally I'm conscious of time slipping away before I have the chance to experience everything.

The one plus side to today: I did meet Dudley Tolkien, Mary and Brian today, which was lovely.
Posted: 2/14/2011 11:24:15 AM by elaine