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Sunday 13th February

Today, I struggled to get a grip of myself; I came out the other side feeling assured and invigorated. After all, due to my hot-headed nature, I've always had trouble looking at the bigger picture and it's not unusual for a personal crisis to arise before I'm forced to re-evaluate and put things into perspective - getting my knickers in a twist often does myself the world of good ! Today, the catalyst was a phone call from my Mum and Dad (the first in over a week). Just hearing their voices really reminded me how much I miss them. The silver lining, though, is I can now see just how lucky I am to have such loving parents waiting at home for me - I hope they know that.

In other news, I have got shocking sunburn somehow and, as a result, have been dubbed "little lobster" amongst many of the hotel guests. Also, Billy had his weekly bbq, where I enjoyed some "Billy beans" (an american take on baked beans, which I must get the recipe for) and "drunken chicken" (the chicken certainly looks a bit silly perched upon it's beer can throne, google it).

Posted: 2/16/2011 9:02:29 AM by elaine