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Saturday 29th January - Holly

I have decided to leave APGSS and am now based at the Africa Beach Hotel. I’ve met Tracey Halliday who runs Studio 52 a dancing school in Takoradi. She’s from Brighton and they kindly took me to Casablanca Beach where I enjoyed getting to know Candia (21). With her younger sister we travelled upstream in a canoe amazing shame I don’t have any photos but I was worried about the canoe capsizing!
Rested this afternoon and then met some other guests in the evening – a few soft drinks turned into a rather long escapade.
Conclusion: my first week has been emotionally turbulent and I hope the challenges I have had to face will improve me – keep your fingers crossed for me, eh? And, Mum and Dad, I bet you’re proud.
Posted: 2/1/2011 9:59:14 AM by elaine