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Saturday 12th February

I accompanied Dudley to a football game at the smaller stadium, Sekondi. Division one league: Hasaacas vs Metro. Now, I'm not a lover of football - it's taken me 19 years to roughly get my head round the offside rule - but the atmosphere was fantastic despite the relatively small turn-out and I enjoyed stuffing myself with local snacks such as plantain chips and fresh mango. The gentleman sat next to me (although originally Ghanaian) was a member of the Ontario Soccer Referees Society and, through talking to him, I gained some good insight into Ghanaian football. For example, women are granted free entry in order to encourage them to get involved; this isn't proving to be a very successful initiative, as I saw only one other woman in the whole stadium...

During my tour of Sekondi, I discovered a behavioural phenomenon, although perhaps not unique to Ghana, that I believe has been dubbed "photo-bombing" - essentially the art of a complete stranger ruining your treasured holiday snaps. Or to give an example for people of my generation, just recall how there's always one random unknown getting involved in all your "smilesonthetiles" pictures. Considering the locals can be awfully touchy about having their photograph taken (some even expect a dash, which I personally feel isn't a trend that should be encouraged), I found it a little bizarre that others insist on draping themselves all over whatever monument or point of interest you wish to document. I did get a lovely shot of some children in some sort of costume (I wasn't given an explanation for why they were dressed up, though) and for their patience, I thanked them by giving them a carton of juice.

After dinner with Dudley, Mary and Bryan, I tucked myself up in bed, keen to get my 40 winks. Oh and here's my final thought for you to mull over: ever tried to watch tv through a mosquito net?
Posted: 2/16/2011 9:00:35 AM by elaine