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Monday 31st January - Holly

Class timetable:
8-9am Period 1: Maths
9-10am Period 2: English
10.15-10.30am Period 3: Handwriting
10.30-11.15am Period 4: Dance
11.15-12pm Period 5: ICT
12.30-1.15pm Period 6: R.M.E.

Awaking bright eyed and bushy tailed (is that even the phrase!?), I was eager to start my placement at TIS. I picked a rather floral affair in the form of a cotton tea dress, hoping to master the notoriously difficult "smart-casual" look; conveniently, I didn't have a chance to take any photos today so you won't have the opportunity to comment on my debatable success quite yet !

After hitching a ride with Bob and his children, I was introduced to the headmistress, - what a fantastic role model she is. After the initial tour of the school, we spoke about what age range I would like to work with - I expressed an interest in the younger pupils, as I felt the age gap would help me establish myself as a teaching assistant and earn their respect - thus it was decided that I would begin my journey helping Year 2. There are 9 children in the class, all around 6 or 7 years old, and today I met 8 of them as one of them was off sick: Maryline, Ernnet, Ishmeal, Daisy, Gracious, Zinga, Nana, Kofi and another boy who I am yet to meet as he is suffering with malaria.
After we had been introduced, it was easy to see the common link between all of the pupils was their Ghanaian heritage - although some pupils background varied slightly, perhaps with a parent emigrating from another country, for example, France, England or America. I was welcomed with open arms by both the pupils and the staff. I believe my stay here will be an enjoyable and fulfilling one.

We began class with addition and subtraction, I assisted the children with any problems and worked through the questions with them - mostly, I think my help was successful ! After break where we all had a small snack, the children had dance, which gave me and Miss Mary a chance to mark their work and visit the library to prepare for teaching religious celebrations after a supervised lunchtime. Once all the children had been collected, I made a beeline for the ICT suite and caught up on emails etc. Finally, I rested on the edge of the football pitch whilst waiting for Bob's children to finish school - note, the use of the word "rested" and not "played" !

Once again an inexplicably late night - well whilst 11:30pm isn't considered pushing the boat out in the UK, it feels like I'm running on empty here in Ghana - I must start obeying the phrase "you cannot burn the candle at both ends".
Posted: 2/3/2011 5:11:16 PM by elaine