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Monday 14th February - from Holly

Some parts of this experience have felt pretty traumatic - excuse the hyperbole but put yourself in my shoes –emerging from this crystallizing process I have learnt to face and challenge certain undesirable characteristics I possess. Thoughts and themes I've been holding in my mind for an awful long time have finally started coming together, partially because my sense of time is so warped out here - it feels like I've been away for months ! I've felt out of my comfort zone on so many occasions that I've lost count but there are just as many good points: appreciating what I have, learning to present myself properly, trying new things, being independent. The list goes on...
Today is unofficially my last day at school - I've prepared a massive "goody bag" for the children, which I'll give them as a goodbye gift. It's been hard work and sometimes frustrating but it's taught me a lot, too. I'm grateful for having to got to know the children on an individual basis and I hope I've made a difference, if only a small one. The children asked me not to go today and they've all been on their best behaviour - I've been so impressed with them. As it is Valentine's day, we had "sharing time" where we all exchanged gifts - I'm looking forward to eating the Ghanaian chocolate Gracious gave me!

I accompanied Dudley, Mary, Bryan, Princess and Kelvin to Busua for some lunch, follwed by a whistle-stop tour of Dixcove. Sadly, as the fort is now privately owned, it's closed to the public - it would appear a hotel or resort of some sort is being developed around the fort.

After a little nap, I joined Mary and several of her friends for a girl's night out. Let's say it was an experience ! They really took me under their wing, though; Ghanaians really are such warm, giving people and will go out of their way to help anyone - the most common phrase you'll hear is "akwaaba" (you are welcome).

Posted: 2/17/2011 8:43:58 AM by elaine