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Friday 11th February - Holly

Class timetable: As before.

Now let's get our priorities straight: breakfast, followed by topping up my phone, then a good sit down before school commences.

I'm on Tigo and topping up is as simple as finding a street vendor (normally recognisable by the yellow MTN umbrellas they sit under), asking for the denomination you want (i.e. 1, 2 or 5 cedi), dialling *842* followed by the hidden 12 digit code (you'll need a coin to scratch the panel off, like a scratch card) and # - i.e. *842*010118112309#.

Trying to maintain order in the classroom was a complete disaster today and the lesson plans soon fell by the wayside in favour of some serious finger-wagging. I really felt useless today; when even 6/7 year olds don't respect you, it certainly takes you down a peg or two. However, Gracious (on behalf of the class, she insists - such modesty for someone so young) made me a Valentine's day card; at TIS they call it "Friendship Day", how adorable !

Today I met up with Dudley, Mary, and Bryan who introduced me to Princess (what a fantastic name !) and her little boy, Kelvin. I spent the afternoon bonding with little Bryan, who I like to think has taken a shine to me - Mum, you'll never believe what a natural I was with him but Dudley is my witness !

Strangely I escaped the dreaded mosquitoes before the last few days - what on earth has caused them to swarm around me the last few days, I have no idea ! I've tried everything to fend them off and soothe the bites but to no avail. Jeremy gave me a bottle of rubbing alcohol, which I've just applied and seems to be doing the trick so far - I'd recommend.
Posted: 2/14/2011 11:29:10 AM by elaine