About Us

The Plymouth Link was formally established in 2003.  The aims of the Link are to encourage and support community linking between the Plymouth area Ghana, in particular our link city of Sekondi-Takoradi.

The Association encourages linking for the purposes of:
  • Learning 
  • Furthering the development of communities, and
  • Building relationships and friendships between the people of Plymouth and the people of Ghana

The Link has growth in strength since its formation, and each aspect has evolved with independent structures and networks, the Link Association acting as a 'hub' to support growth through the facilitation of sharing good practice and experiences.

The Link is run by a committee of volunteers, representing young people, the education and health sectors, the trade justice movement, faith groups and members of the local Ghanaian community in Plymouth. 

The benefits for the local authorities in both cities include greater awareness of global and development issues, greater cohesion in both cities between Link members and the wider community and valuable learning opportunities at the cultural, social and practical levels for council officers, teachers and health workers.

The results are wide-ranging and include skills development for tourism officials, curriculum development in schools, new medical skills for health workers and presentation and leadership skills for young people.

The project is considered a great success in both cities.  It has achieved a high profile through media involvement, in particular from the BBC and the local newspaper, the Herald in Plymouth. 

The project also has strong support from local MPs.

Great friendships have developed!