The Community Xchange Scrapbook

The Social Day Out - Sunday, 18th April

Team Cx visited Dartmoor and Whitsand Beach

"It was so lovely and really entertaining.  I would love more of those outings before we go back to Ghana, that is if the cloud of volcanic ash clears"
Atalebe, 20/04

"A beautiful day in the sunshine with my lovely friends... I didn't want it to end.... Thank you to everyone who organised it....  It was good to see so many smiling faces and to hear so much laughter! xxx

"It felt like I was having holiday enjoyment.  It was simply fantastic - I played volleyball at the beach and sweated.  The first time of sweating in Plymouth.  It couldn't have been better.  Loved it!  xxx
Mike Zuri

"It made me develop interest for beach visit for the first time in life"

"The beach is mostly flooded with a category of people; ones with emotional attachments.  It means Cx is more than just a group for learning and sharing, but that we actually see ourselves as one.  It was lovely"

"Yeah I sweated too and enjoyed voleyball too - thanks Cx!"

"It was awesome and I enjoyed every bit of it.  The scenery was great.  The UK team are all lovely people.  Thanks xxx

"Very adventurous and exciting.  Wish I could swim but the sea was very cold. All the same I had fun Cx u day bee (Cx is great)"

"Beautiful places, pictures and experiences to take home.  The places provided adequate compensation to our aestheic deficiency"
Akolgo Ayine

"The flat planes, the deep cold blue sea, the sizeable number of holiday makers were all scenes to behold and memories for Ghana.  Quite impressively was the single act of bravery established by Andy my partner, and the only member of Cx Group who swam.  More importantly those who had never seated and so after a worthwhile exercise may the spiriti of friendship and comaraderie flourish"

"I couldn't come to the Social Day out, and I wasn't there for the amazing train station welcome so I have missed some of the big fun group things.  But because Musah has as well I don't feel so bad.  Me and my brother are kindred like that!  BUT I have been having so much fund taking the "Ghana Clan" around town for work, showing off where I live and work and being happy to se so many friends and family.  HOORAY for Plymouth and Bolga - UK and Ghana" x

The Cultural Kitchen

"The Cultural Kitchen is amazing for the reason being that you are accepted by everybody where you are from.  Learning  to dishes from all around is superb."

"What an amazing experience with beautiful people!  Oh and of course wonderful food... What more could you ask for??" xxx

"It just prompted me on an idea I have harboured for some time now.  I loved it, it taught me alot." xxx

"Ghana came and saw and conquered in cooking"