A Ghanaian's View of the Link:

What was the biggest surprise about the Link when you came to Plymouth?

The greatest surprise about the Link when I came to Plymouth was the fact that there was a VERY HIGH EXPECTATION among the major stakeholders of the Link than I personally anticipated before I came from Ghana. I was baptized into this high expectancy level by the depth of discussion covering various areas of interest such as Sports, Faith, Exchange, Volunteerism, Teaching & Learning at the Breakfast Meeting we had at the University College (Marjons) of Plymouth that had the cross section of the education sector in attendance.

Has your understanding of the UK changed as a result of your time in Plymouth?

Indeed there has been a remarkable change in my understanding of the attitude of UK towards development of basic social & educational values in a typical African nation like Ghana. The UK attitude of appreciating the day-to-day challenges in our way of life like carrying water on our heads, inadequate learning & teaching facilities, system of school inspection, vocational education structure, spirit of volunteerism within the youth in the community, etc clearly demonstrates a growing experience of partnership between Plymouth & Ghana.

What things can the people of Ghana teach us in Plymouth? 

The people of Ghana can share their experiences in the inculcation of the social values like traditional respect for the elderly in the commnunity, extended family support for members who are orphaned, deprived, disabled,etc. On the other hand, modern human rights are fast eroding the communal responsibilty for maintaining discipline within the society and schools these days.

Now that you are back in Takoradi, what will you do to develop the Link in Ghana?

Now that I am back in Takoradi, I will strengthen the coordination of the Link activities in the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis by appointing full time schedule field officers at the Metropolitan Education Directorate. The unlinked schools will be taken through some orientation workshops on a regular basis to enlighten them on the mutual benefits to be derived by both teachers & pupils/students over time from joining the Link. Teachers & pupils/students who have benefitted from the Link will be given the forum to share their personal experiences with their colleagues, especially during the celebration of the International Teachers event in the first week of October every year.

We are expecting a special FRATERNAL/GOODWILL MESSAGE from the LORD MAYOR of Plymouth during the International Teachers event this October in Sekondi-Takoradi.

Friends, I believe that there will be more sharing with regard to the Link as time goes on. Wishing you more fruitful operations over the coming months and years.

Nana Kofi Adjei Imbeah

GES Metropolitan Directorate