What is a Community Event?

First of all, how do you define a "Community Event"? In the case of the Community Exchange, the Community Event was a core part of our shared work programme. A Community Event is an activity open to community stakeholders and interest groups to engage in a mutually beneficial theme.

We had to hold a Community Event in both Bolgatanga and Plymouth.

In Bolga, Team Cx adopted Climate Change as the theme. The event involved a big procession through the town, followed by speeches, performances and litter-picking competitions. Approximately 400 children drawn from twelve local Junior & Senior High Schools in the Bolgatanga Municipality attended the event. It was quite a noisy affair! Here are some pictures courtesy of our intrepid explorers.


In Plymouth, Team Cx adopted Volunteering as the theme. In taking part in the Vestival, we had three distinct areas of work to promote the synergy between our cultures. We had a display stand highlighting what the UK and Ghana have in common, an interactive art display - created for Ghana Week in July and currently on display at Plymouth Foyer - and tasters of English fairy cakes and Ghanaian jollof. Here are some pictures courtesy of our local people on the ground