Up-date of Akuapem Hills Preparatory School, Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana

Nii Yaoboi Tackie-Yaoboi (Vice-chair of the Plymouth-Ghana Link) and founder of Akuapem Hills Preparatory School (AHPS), Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana and the entire staff wish to express warm heart-felt thanks to all those who have helped with donation of books, educational equipment such as computers etc. for the past four years. We are proud to announce that with your help and support, the school has been rated Grade A (Outstanding) by the Educational Inspectorate, Akuapem-North District.
On his yearly visit to Ghana in August, Uncle Nii Yaoboi, as he is known by the pupils, spent a day doing Mathematics activities with the Class 1 (six year old) pupils. They used Cuisenaire rods to investigate addition and subtraction.

Special thanks goes to Plymouth High School for Girls for their donation of 10 used laptops and also to Shiphay School and Orchard Nursery, Torquay for their donation of £150 to AHPS after Nii Yaoboi’s presentation on Ghana to Year 6 pupils in June, this year.