Advocates for Africa

The Plymouth Ghana Link invites people to apply to be Advocates for Africa, with the expectation that those selected will promote Africa and Africa issues in general, and Ghana and our Link with Sekondi-Takoradi in particular. 
Through medical teams, teachers, students, committee members and others who have been to Ghana we have a strong base of knowledge, understanding and experience, and the Link now wants to celebrate these people and ask them to work for us. The Advocates for Africa idea –
  • celebrates the rich experience of the people connected with the Link
  • formally recognises people who will promote the Link
  • is explicit about the minimum requirements we have
  • clarifies the expectations the Link has of Advocates in promoting Africa and Ghana in particular to the people of Plymouth

There are three elements to being an Advocate:
Understanding – Advocates have a good understanding of some aspect of Africa for which they can provide evidence

Experience – Advocates have experience of Africa, either vicariously through contact in the UK or (preferably) through travel to Africa (preferably but not exclusively to Ghana)
Promotion – Advocates use their understanding and experience to promote the Link within Plymouth, in their work-place, social groups, clubs, churches or other connections
There are two levels of Advocate: Silver, for people who have not travelled to Africa, but whose understanding and experience is based on contact, perhaps through being a home-host, and Gold for those whose travel in Africa has brought them into close contact with the lives people there lead. To be selected, people complete a simple application form and may be interviewed, if necessary, by at least two Link officers. The Advocate Award may then made provisionally, to be made in full once Advocates have evidence of at least three ways in which they have promoted Africa in general, and preferably the Link in particular. Awards will normally be for three years (renewable) and can be awarded to groups as well as individuals.
To apply, contact the Secretary, Peter Reid 01752 310299 or